New Releases From Dinzu Artefacts

Source: Dinzu Artefacts.

Joakim Blattmann

Originally presented as a sound installation at the Buskerud Kunstcenter in Drammen, Norway, Stegla makes audible the internal life of trees and the insects that live inside them. In the installation, these recordings were controlled in real time by bioelectrical signals from the trees themselves and then amplified through the trees via surface transducers. For this release, the recordings have been processed with electronic effects and tape machines to bring out the subtle textures, timbral shifts, and micro-movements of this otherwise hidden environment.

Chantal Michelle
Pulse, Puls-ar, Procession

A sweeping composition for instruments, field recordings, and electronics that seems to gather and reflect the forces and creative impulses of the world. Originally realized as a quadraphonic piece, it has been reworked for stereo as a 24-minute study for a piece conceived to be without end.

NEN (feat. Pierre Bastien)

Inspired by the work of Arte Povera, NEN achieves a high level of perceptual density with a limited sonic palette, combining remnants of musical instruments and electronics between fragments of samples and field recordings. A wonderfully bizarre piece that is both continuously disorienting and thoroughly engaging.