Stephan Crump in Orlando, October 21st 

Source: TheCM5.

Timucua Arts Foundation and The Civic Minded 5 present
Stephan Crump
Timucua Arts
2000 S. Summerlin Ave, Orlando, Fl 32806
$25 Advanced, half-price Senior, Student, Frontline Worker and Video-On-Demands options available
7:00 pm doors, 7:30 pm concert

You are coming to a solo bass concert. It’s daunting for the performer, for sure. There’s nowhere to hide or to lose syncing one’s respiratory flow with the pulse of the piece and the still focus of listeners.

How about you- the audience member? Why solo acoustic bass? This is a backline employee in the ensembles of many folks’ minds. Every pizzicato note we witness Stephan Crump execute is akin to a long short story. Imagine a video closeup of a drop of water striking the surface of another liquid and the resultant waves in their resplendent, mathematical second and third acts before returning to the null point for another adventure in physics. That’s what the Civic Minded 5 is selling here.