Myra Melford’s Fire and Water Quintet on Tour

Source: Myra Melford.

This fall I’m celebrating the release of For the Love of Fire and Water (RogueArt, 2022), in the US, with this exciting band featuring Ingrid Laubrock, Mary Halvorson, Tomeka Reid, and Lesley Mok.

We’ll be performing the music from the recording as well as new music. This project constitutes the first installment of a larger project I’m creating for many different musicians celebrating and inspired by the artwork of Cy Twombly entitled, “An Extravagant (for Cy Twombly).”

Hear the Fire and Water Quintet live this fall:

Angel City Jazz Festival, Los Angeles, CA: Nov 4
SFJazz, San Francisco, CA: Nov 5 & 6
Roulette, Brooklyn, NY: Nov 7