Henry Threadgill’s Zooid and Anthony Braxton to Perform in London 

Source: Barbican.

Composer and woodwind player, Henry Threadgill has been at the forefront of creative, improvised music across his 40-year career span. He was awarded a Pulitzer Prize for In For A Penny, In For A Pound – the latest album by his unconventional quintet Zooid, performing their first London appearance in a decade.

Free jazz musician and woodwind improviser and composer, Anthony Braxton has engaged in nearly every conceivable area of creativity throughout his career. He was the first to record an entire album of unaccompanied saxophone music (For Alto, 1968). At the Barbican, he will be performing his New Acoustic Quartet with bassist and multi-instrumentalist Carl Testa, drummer Mariá Portugal and trumpeter Susana Santos Silva.