New Clean Feed Releases

Source: Clean Feed.

Here at Clean Feed we just follow Eve’s steps, no matter where they go we’re there. Once more surprising, Eve stepped from her White Desert Orchestra into the new world of the Red Desert one where she introduces her taste for Mali and the hypnotic rhythms and melodies from Ancestral Africa that once in America started the blues.

Ahanes Petrichor
Ahanes is a sextet consisting of Nicky Kokkoli on saxophone, Giannis Arapis on guitar (both from Greece), Mats Äleklint on trombone, Alex Zethson on keyboards, Torbjörn Zetterberg on bass and Nils Agnas on drums (all from Sweden). The music is kind of hard to explain but if we could put Charles Mingus on acid with Alan Silva on synthesizer in 2022 we wouldn’t be far from the truth.

Marek Pospieszalski Quartet Dürer´s Mother
After the prodigious Octet playing the Polish composers from the XX century, Marek strikes again with a quartet release this time. Modern jazz dynamic compositions run hand in hand with improvisations. A recent addition to our roster, Marek Pospieszalski is someone that is reaching Europe’s peak in improvised music.

Margaux Oswald Dysphotic Zone
Peter Margasak just wrote about this record on The Quietus: “Margaux Oswald builds almost monolithic blocks of sound from her instrument—as if she’s carving tones from huge slabs of granite—summoning up thunderous left hand figures that rumble ominously, filling up space while she embroiders surprisingly elaborate, almost delicate patterns with her right hand.”

Günter Baby Sommer & Raymond MacDonald Sounds, Songs & Other Noises
As Stef stated on Free Jazz Blog back in 2007, “Despite the limited line-up and the totally free approach, there really is no boring moment on this album, quite the contrary even, the interaction between these two stellar musicians grabs the listener’s attention from the start until the very end : intensity, suprise, beauty, creative collisions”. This is a piece of music that brings the best of humanity.

Bernardo Tinoco & Tom Maciel NoMad Nenúfar
Pandemic days brought this duo to work outside the box. Resisting the exclusivity of a saxophone/piano duo, multi instrumentalists Tinoco and Maciel explore textures and sounds coming also out of drum machines and synthesisers. Blending composition, improvisation and electronics they bring out a quite extreme sonic adventure sometimes with drummer João Pereira at their side.