New Releases Coming From 577 Records

Source: 577 Records.

Eunhye Jeong
End of Time / KM-53 Project Vol. 1

South Korean pianist Eunhye Jeong believes that “after you travel far away from home, you get to know yourself more fully.” Her new album, End of Time, is an existential exploration of that self-discovery, imbued with the spirit of the moon bear that lives in the Taebaek Mountains, a presence she was told about growing up.

Stepping Out

Daniel Carter: Tenor Sax, Alto sax, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Flute, Trumpet
Luisa Muhr: Voice
Ayumi Ishito: Tenor Sax and Electronics
Eric Plaks: Piano and Rhodes
Aron Namenwirth: Guitar and Electronics
Yutaka Takahashi: Guitar and Electronics
Zachary Swanson: Bass
Jon Panikkar: Drums

Sana Nagano
Anime Mundi

Sana Nagano – Violin/fx
Karl Berger – Piano/vibraphone
Billy Martin – Drums/percussion

Tennessee Blazes / Prospect Freeze

Sam Day Harmet – mandolin/fx/op-z
Sana Nagano – violin/fx
Zach Swanson – bass

Justin Purtill feat. Leo Genovese and Sean Conly
Simple Twist

I had absolutely no ideas about how I wanted the music to sound that day in the studio. None. I only knew how I did not want it to sound, and how I did not want it to feel.

Un Cacho De Metal, Un Resto De Vaiven

NICHUNIMU is a Chilean improvisational trio working at the edges of free jazz, ritualism, noise, minimalism, and krautrock music.