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In Another Lant Pt. 3
“This is the third and concluding part of the trilogy „In Another Land“. It is not the dialectic synthesis of its antagonistic predecessors, it is just one of three equivalent antipodes that could have been released in any order. Mostly percussive and constantly transforming structures are weaving their net through both sides of this album. Processes of convergence follow moments of decay, high event density alternates with moments of quiet, aimless meandering.
A further commentary on the not so obvious subject of the whole trilogy: absence and/or inevitability of repetition.”

Some Moments 1994 – 2022
Kaplan’s second release represents a collection of his versatile work
through last three decades. Leaving the previous concept of short abstract vignettes, he moves into more “structured” approach, more complex explorations of loop aesthetics, cut-up techniques but also pieces for improvised ensembles.