S.E.M. Ensemble and AACM in NY, October 15

Source: S.E.M. Ensemble.

SEM continues its collaboration with the
Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians
in concert by
The Orchestra of the S.E.M. Ensemble
Petr Kotik, Conductor
with soloists
Thurman Barker, drums
Nicolas Hay, baritone

Saturday, October 15th
7pm at DiMenna Center for Classical Music
(450 W 37th St, New York, NY 10018)

Amina Claudine Myers Interiors
George Lewis Mangle of Practice
Adegoke Steve Colson Counterpoints I & II
Leonard E Jones Quintets 1 and 1_2
Muhal Richard Abrams Trio
Henry Threadgill Poems for Voice (1&3)
Thurman Barker Mr. Speed-Str