Upcoming Cyclic Law Releases

Source: Cyclic Law.

CURSE ALL KINGS “Inversion” CD / DL (211th Cycle/BSBB010)
Curse All Kings return with their second full length, entitled Inversion with four extended arrangements for viola, organ and voice. Drawing from modern composition, black metal, the darkest and bleakest of dungeon synth and transcendent drone, Inversion redefines the concept of dark ambient and ritualized music and opens up new avenues of listener immersion and hence revelation. Skeletal compositions draped with dreamlike improvisations disorient the participants in black fog and suffocate them invoking the smell of damp rotting earth. Intended for dark moon listening and ritual. Intended for both group and solo practice of Inversion rites. B.S.s. id Curse All Kings.

COMMON EIDER, KING EIDER “Yearn” CD / DL (210th Cycle/BSBB009)
Common Eider, King Eider return to Cyclic Law with their 13th full length album “Yearn”. Since 2012, A.C. and B.S.s. have been crafting a unique aesthetic vision around modern composition, dark ambient, and black metal using voice, viola, percussion, and organic objects such as bone and antler to create a sonic world drenched in animism and project mythology. “Yearn” follows suit with five extended arrangements for viola, percussion, and voice. The pieces slowly unfold as if remembering a dream… Fragments move in and out of focus, light and darkness considered equals in the creation of this landscape. Concealment and revelation. Hope and hopelessness. Decay and birth.

ULVTHARM “Wrēkō” CD / LP / DL (207th Cycle)
We’re honoured to present Ulvtharm’s first solo album. Long time collaborator of Nordvargr & Drakh in the legendary Swedish formation MZ.412, “Wrēkō” was incepted when Ulvtharm lived in Malaysia while remotely writing the “Svartmyrkr” album of MZ.412 in 2018. Since “Svartmyrkr” was written over such a long period of time and over a significant geographical distance, there were natural moments of inspiration that radiated away from the MZ.412 sound, moments captured during the ritual sessions. Listening back to some of the raw demos made at the time, it was obvious that some of the tracks did not line up with MZ.412 spiritually, and the idea for an Ulvtharm solo album was born.

CALDON GLOVER “Labyrintia” CD / DL (212th Cycle)
We warmly welcome US based soundscape artist Caldon Glover. Thematically “Labyrintia” was imagined as a structure in space older than humanity that runs sideways to our own universe, connecting physical and temporal spaces in our universe and the ur-universe alike that would otherwise be impossible to reach. Sonically it uses a blend of primitive acoustic folk instruments, as well as organic and electronic sound sources to create an ancient and timeless sound that evokes feelings of the rituals of a cthonic cults lost in other realms, as they worked tirelessly to open a door into this endless maze, to find their way home or to further their journey. Artwork by Nihil.

øjeRum “Reversed Cathedral” CD / DL (198th Cycle)
Using as sole sound source an antique German made Mannborg Harmonium, øjeRum skillfully crafted long drony melodic pieces filled with a sense of longing, of fading memories. Located in an old house in the Danish country side, in a room mostly left unused and only heated for special occasions, the harmonium has been affected by the dampness of its environment, causing it to slowly deteriorate and giving it a very unique sound and character. These attributes were accentuated and put forth with the choice of slow, repetitive passages, at times almost reaching a breaking point. We’ve packaged the whole in an A5 sleeve which features 6 collages from the Reversed Cathedral series. Another tour the force by this uncompromising and highly talented artist.