Roulette Upcoming Performances

Our fall season is well underway, and the shows are coming fast and furious! Take Oct 24-28, when we’re presenting an exciting and wide-ranging slate of innovative performers, for instance:

  • On Oct 24, Douglas J Cuomo‘s virtuosic tour de force Seven Limbs will juxtapose Nels Cline’s wildly inventive guitar playing and use of electronic effects with the acclaimed string quartet The Overlook in a work based on the Tibetan Buddhist practice of purification. [link]
  • On Oct 25, In separate and collaborative sets, innovators Eric P. Mandat and John McCowen will explore the sonic possibilities of the clarinet. [link]
  • On Oct 26, the saxophonist/composer Remy Le Boeuf and his vibrant 20-piece orchestra Assembly of Shadows will perform work from their 2021 album Architecture of Storms. [link]
  • On Oct 28, an evening of video and music will feature live video art by Kit Fitzgerald and music performed by Peter Gordon & Love of Life Orchestra. [link]