New Releases From Midira Records


Dunam “Zerem”
Dunam is a duo from Israel, featuring Dana Decktor (guitar) and Aviv Stern (electronics). “Zerem” is a beautiful dark and rough album, that takes you on a journey through drone and noise with a lot more interspered influences.

Corrado Maria de Santis “Ruins”
Corrado returns to Midira, after releasing his digital debut “A Year Without Summer” in 2021. “Ruins” goes further, while the guitar sounds dive into a world of noise and melodic drone, de Santis adds some uncommon rhythms, which enhance the soundcosmos of “Ruins” without loosing the dark approach of the tracks.

Jesús Antontio Vergara “R Derive Aplysia”
Jesus Vergara from Mexico has something to tell and he tells it with field recoding and ambient tracks. This album is full of hidden features, that you can discover by checking the artwork carfeully. One obvious fact: Tegh did a stunning remix of the title track.