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Ugly Beauty Column for August 24

Source: Stereogum.

First, an announcement: I’m writing another book! My latest book, Ugly Beauty: Jazz In The 21st Century, came out in February and is available everywhere (Esquire called it one of the Best Music Books of 2022, which is nice), and I’ve just signed the contract to write In The Brewing Luminous: The Life And Music Of Cecil Taylor for the German publisher Wolke Verlag. Don’t worry, the book will be in English. It’ll be a cross between a biography and a critical analysis of various phases and aspects of his work, analyzing key albums from his sizable discography and discussing how his music evolved from his professional debut in the mid ’50s to the April 2016 performances at the Whitney Museum which marked the end of his public career. The plan is for it to be out in spring/summer 2024.