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Tyshawn Sorey Profiled

Source: Bandcamp Daily.

Tyshawn Sorey may be best known as a free and avant-garde jazz drummer-composer, but he’s also a respected name in classical and experimental “new” music as well. He’s proven his chops on both trombone and piano—though he’s modest about the latter—as well as drums and percussion. He rejects the notion of being defined by genre—which is liberating for his art but frustrating for his commerce.

“I remember having this discussion with the guys from Pi Recordings, when I was going to put out Alloy,” says Sorey, referring to his 2014 trio album with pianist Cory Smythe and drummer Chris Tordini. “We were having these conversations about, ‘How are we even going to market this?’ You couldn’t really call it a jazz record; but you also couldn’t really call it a new music or classical record, even though 80% of that music is written out or composed. How do you market this music? What do you even call this music?”