Third Thursdays Shows at Harvard Square

Source: Dave Bryant.

Jazz keyboardist and composer Dave Bryant, best known for his work as a member of jazz composer and saxophonist Ornette Coleman’s Prime Time group, embarked on the presentation of a monthly harmolodic jazz series “Third Thursdays” in April of this year. Each concert to date has featured all new artists with a different musical focus each month—from Bryant’s regular working group to an electric Miles Davis tribute to free-form improvisation to electronica to a special concert with another member of Prime Time. The line-up for Fall promises even more unexpected musical juxtapositions, plus some great special guests.

For the Fall, the following concerts will be taking place:

· September 15: Dave Bryant (keyboards) joined by special guest and fellow Ornette Coleman collaborator G. Calvin Weston (drums) along with Jim Hobbs (alto saxophone) from Fully Celebrated Orchestra, Dave Fiuczynski (guitar) from Screaming Headless Torsos, and Mike Rivard (bass) from Club d’Elf.

· October 20: Dave Bryant (keyboards) joined by Indian Carnatic vocalist Srinivasan Raghuraman (vocals), George Garzone from The Fringe (saxophones), Jacob William (bass), and Jerry Leake (percussion).

· November 17: Dave Bryant (keyboards) joined by special guests and fellow Ornette Coleman collaborators Frederick Williams (bass) and James Kamal Jones (drums), along with Matt Lavelle of The 12 Houses (trumpet and bass clarinet).

· December 15: Dave Bryant (keyboards) hosting a reunion of his ‘80’s band Shock Exchange with John Turner (bass) and Chris Bowman (drums), joined by George Garzone (saxophones). [Liner notes for Shock Exchange’s first record were written by Ornette Coleman.]

All the concerts will be held at the Harvard-Epworth United Methodist Church, located just outside Harvard Square