The Friday Experiment Continues August 26 in Holyoke, MA

Source: Bonnie Kane Experimental Music.

Friday, August 26, 2022
$5 suggested donation

The Divine Theatre @
Gateway City Arts
92 Race Street
Holyoke, Ma

Set 1: Adam Lane (NY) and Bonnie Kane (MA)
Adam Lane – upright bass, electronics; Bonnie Kane – flute, sax, electronics
We go way back to before there was a way back. And periodically the cosmos aligns and we get to play together. Monumental, beautiful, challenging, and harmonious.

Set 2: Hollowdeck (MA)
Andy Allen – woodwinds, tapes, drum machine. Mia Friedman – voice, violin, 5-string banjo
Transcends any real or imaginary boundaries of what’s possible to do with just four hands, traversing the worlds of beautiful folk songs and experimental sound collage.

Set 3: Gahlord DeWald (VT/Hawaii)
solo upright bass, electronics
The mysterious beauty of low…

Set 4: KaneLoggia HYPOTHESIS + Adam Lane
John Loggia – drums, percussion; Bonnie Kane – sax, flute, electronics; Adam Lane – upright bass, electronics
World premiere of this power trio, that was talked about for so long, and now will finally happen.

Set 5 – Open Improvisors’ Jam – bring your gear (simple set-up); backline of drums, amps, mics and PA available.
We put the play back in playing with this unique jam session that gets the audience jamming with the performers, and the performers with each other. Beginners and experienced encouraged and welcome.