The Muffins’ Massive Boxed Set Ready for Preorders

Source: Wayside Music.

The Muffins were a Washington, D.C. area band who existed from 1974-81 and then again with their best-known line-up still intact from 1993-2015. They released three albums during their original lifetime and six albums during their second life. They were called, “…the finest progressive band that America produced…even at it’s most complicated, (they) sounded effortless & convincing” by Fred Frith. They also acted as Fred’s backing band on his first post-Henry Cow solo album, Gravity. During their two lifetimes, the band performed at now legendary festival events, including the ZU Festival (NYC), the Rock In Opposition Festival (France), the Villa Celimontana Jazz Festival (Rome), Sonic Circuits (D.C.) and NEARFest (Bethlehem, PA), among many others. The band were a hugely creative force during both lifetimes, combing intense, rehearsal intensive compositions with spirited free play, and moving effortlessly between musical boundaries and genres. They were one of the great American contemporary music ensembles of our time.

Baker’s Dozen is a 13 disc box set of all previously unreleased live and studio recordings from 1975 – 2010! It includes 12 CDs, a DVD, and a huge, informative booklet. The entire box is a treasure trove of never seen and never heard material.