New Magma Release, Kãrtëhl, Coming Soon

Source: MAGMA.

2020/2021. More than 18 months without being able to make a gig. This space of time, this imposed “pause”, was used to prepare a new album, a group album, as we had not realized for a long time. Following the creation of a new line-up in 2020, we once again offered musicians to bring songs, Christian Vander never having made the deliberate choice to be Magma’s sole composer. But in fact, none of the dozens of musicians who participated in this adventure had offered a new song for decades! After “ZËSS”, which hinted at a rather gloomy future, this bright and resolutely optimistic new album is the result of a collective work, an “Operation Kartëhl”.

releases September 30, 2022

Christian Vander : batterie, chant solo, tambourin – drums, lead vocal, tambourin
Stella Vander : chant solo, chant, chime – lead vocal, vocal, chime
Hervé Aknin : chant solo, chant – lead vocal, vocal
Isabelle Feuillebois : chant – vocal
Sylvie Fisichella : chant – vocal
Caroline Indjein : chant – vocal
Laura Guarrato : chant – vocal
Rudy Blas : guitare – guitar
Thierry Eliez : piano, Fender Rhodes, claviers – piano, Fender Rhodes, keyboards
Simon Goubert : piano, Fender Rhodes, claviers – piano, Fender Rhodes, keyboards
Jimmy Top : basse – bass