Tone Series in Toronto Summer / Fall Lineup

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Ashley Paul // Andre Ethier // Nick Storring
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Multi-instrumentalist / composer / songwriter Ashley Paul lands in Toronto in support of her newest outing on Orange Milk Records “I Am Fog”. Paul’s songs move with slow fragile beauty encompassing elements of free jazz at glacial pace. Her music is full of thought and sorrow while not without celebratory moments. Understated guitar notes glisten as they just grace the song’s structure as if making a brief stop only to float off elsewhere. Squeaking saxophone whispers slip through the music like tears. Don’t miss this rare performance by a truly singular storyteller.

Guitarist & singer Ethier’s laid back folk tunes ripple with casual sonic artifacts behind his gentle guitar tone. His latest trilogy of albums of Toronto’s Telephone Explosion label sees him embrace an airy flowing style of songwriting, letting his voice lead as acoustic guitar notes swim with synth flourishes. The music is full but light at the same time. Come see this former Deadly Snake in his element.

(photo by Green Yang)
Nick Storring celebrates the release of his new album, Music from ‘Wéi 成为’ on Orange Milk Records with a return to the live arena. Storring creates methodically full electro-acoustic compositions turning forgotten piano notes into an echoing tidal wave of sonic texture. Playing with errant tones and hums he builds a sonic landscape full of depth and mystery. Nick’s music is never without a hint of playfulness. A sonic assembler taking you on a tour of his discoveries.
Eric Chenaux // Blessings // Draperies
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(photo by: Sylvestre Nonique-Desvergnes)
Constellation Records’ guitarist & singer Eric Chenaux returns home to Toronto for a visit & a performance of his song with Toronto friends Ryan Driver and Phil Melanson (Bernice). Gentle acoustic guitar notes stretch out & ripple underneath electric psych inspired meanderings. Eric’s voice weaves seamlessly among this textural landscape, like a silk sheet in the wind. Every movement subtle, yet beautiful. A storyteller from a slower time, a player from the jazz tradition borrowing gracefully from the folk form. Don’t miss this true gem of a sonic rambler with his Toronto trio!

Thom Gill’s newest brain child celebrates the release of Thom’s new album, Eat The Wind. A classic band made up of the Holy Oak’s lost children featuring Robin Dann, Phil Melanson, Josh Cole, and surely some other guests you know by sight if not sound.

THE DRAPERIES (…/la-historia-del…)
Eric Chenaux double dips with the return of a Rat-drifting classic crew featuring Eric on guitar, Ryan Driver on synth and Doug Tielli on trombone. The slow core balladeers of Toronto’s free improv scene let the notes creep, slinking around each other like ships in the night. Careful decisions guide this subtly dynamic listeners concoction of sonic herbs & spices. Come on time with your ear to the ground.
Wendy Eisenberg // Joni Void // TBA
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(photo by: Richard Lenz)
NYC guitarist, vocalist, banjo player Wendy Eisenberg has been making waves in the avant jazz & outsider rock scenes for the last 5+ years both as a collaborator and a solo artist. Her solo work is influenced by jazz and improvised music while she remains a songwriter and a storyteller at heart. Striking a seamless intersection of these forms Eisenberg lets her guitar and banjo notes meander along until they become entangled with her vocal lines, dancing together for a moments before going their separate ways. Angular guitar notes bounce and roll with rhythmic ease. Jazz infused tones become heavy with distortion only to trickle back into a wayward stream of languid chords. Eisenberg is a unique voice living at the tangled crossroads of avant jazz, folk tradition, free improvisation and experimental rock.

(photo by: Thomas Boucher)
Montreal based music concrete / avant pop artist Joni Void (Constellation Records) weaves layers of samples, including piano phrases and fielding recordings into an intricate dance of snipped beats, sweeping loops and subtle jingles. Haunting flourishes become beautiful beats. Abstract rhythms are born out of glitched electronics alongside the swaying reverberations. Tape loops embrace the sonic waves as they transform themselves into a new piece of piano accompaniment. Playful percussion from the collage junkyard gives Jon Void’s collaged compositions a sense of minimalistic urgency, if only for a second before the aural landscape morph yet again.

Marc Ribot // TBA
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(photo by: Ebru Yildiz)
NYC guitar maverick Marc Ribot performs a rare solo set in Toronto. Ribot’s legacy has seen him collaborate with Tom Waits, John Zorn, Elvis Costello & a plethora of others. His numerous diverse bands and ensemble projects, plus numerous solo releases have worked to define him as one of the most unique and versatile voices on the guitar. From no wave, re-imagined blues, free improvisation, and avant jazz to contemporary composition Ribot moves from one mood to another with careful continuity. Intricate notes float off his strings with a natural abandon. His solo performances see him swim through the menagerie style and genres he’s touched on through out his decades of exploration in the avant guitar world.