Upcoming Constellation Tatsu Releases

Source: Constellation Tatsu.

Inkarose – A Love Letter to Water
This release by Colombian-born, LA-based musician Alicia Ramírez (Inkarose) explores the curative properties of Water. With friends Carlos Niño, Rumi Inoue, Matt Little, and more, A Love Letter to Water immerses the listener in a rich organic soundscape.

Andy Aquarius – La Force Aquarienne
Harpist Andy Aquarius takes us on a journey from the forest to the sea with subtle instrumentation in a collection of intuitive prayers.

Tarotplane – Aeonium
Based on many years of research and correspondence with Manuel Göttsching, “Aeonium” channels the style and sound of Kosmische Musik. This psychedelic treasure captures moments from Krautrock favorites but moves into new realms and spaces unexplored in the genre.