New Ghosts in Cleveland Profiled

Source: JazzTimes.

We like to bring music to Cleveland in the spirit of the great and incredible and wonderful Albert Ayler. Let’s get a round of applause for all he stands for!” As those words rang from the stage of the Bop Stop, a jazz club on the near-West Side of Cleveland, Ohio, the audience packing the house let out cheers. They were celebrating not only Ayler, the Cleveland-born saxophonist and free-jazz pioneer, but also the night of music to come—a double bill of two fearsome trios, Vandermark-Lytton-Wooley and Ballister—and the fact that such a night could exist after two years of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The master of ceremonies was Matt Laferty, one of the co-founders of New Ghosts, a Cleveland organization dedicated to presenting creative music in the Aylerian spirit. Laferty has been presenting shows in the city for 12 years, and under the banner of New Ghosts with fellow co-founders Tom Orange and Andy Auten since 2015.