Nine Projects Selected for innova Recordings’ Second National Call

Source: I Care If You Listen.

Today American Composers Forum (ACF) announces the second collection of recording projects selected through a panel process for its in-house record label, innova Recordings.

Launched earlier in the season, innova’s new business model is aimed at making the process of visioning, producing, and releasing recordings more inclusive and accessible to artists. Multi-year lead support from the Elizabeth & Michel Sorel Charitable Organization enables the artists who identify as women to be supported on the label and provides additional funding to facilitate work with recording venues and producers from underrepresented genders. The lead artists for the projects are: Cecilia Smith, Dawn Avery, Goldfeather, Goussy Célestin, Haiqiong Deng, Jessie Cox, Joshua Henderson, Kinan Abou-afach, and a group consisting of Nathan Hanson, Davu Seru, and deVon Russell Gray.