Fundraiser by Fred Frith for 2023 Opera Performance

Source: Truth is a Four Letter Word. The initial ask is fully funded but it is likely that the event could benefit from more.

Last year I was chatting to my brother Christopher on the phone when he said, a propos of nothing much, “maybe I should commission an opera from you”. I laughed and pointed out that this would, alas, involve rather a prohibitive budget, and we moved on to other things. The following morning I received an email from Fabien Simon, the director of the French festival Sons d’Hiver, proposing that they commission an opera. To say I was delighted and astonished, both by the commission and the serendipity, would be an understatement!

I’ve invited a fabulous line-up of some of my favorite musicians and singers to join us, all of whom touched me greatly by committing to the project without even asking about money! The group includes Lotte Anker (saxes), Alexandre Cahen (piano), Camille Emaille (percussion), Xavière Fertin (clarinets), Ada Gosling-Pozo (violin), Karoline Höfler (double bass), Garth Knox (viola), Ikue Mori (electronics), Tilman Müller (trumpet), Zeena Parkins (harp), Paula Sanchez (cello) and Gabriel Valtchev (tuned percussion), with Rupert Enticknap (counter-tenor) and Clara Weil (contralto).