Chris Forsyth’s Electric Guitar Sorcery

Source: Bandcamp Daily.

Forsyth’s guitar can be an engine of avant-garde expeditions to alien realms; a psychedelic fire hydrant wrenched open and spraying multicolored freakout juice in all directions; a rock ‘n’ roll flamethrower reducing all within earshot to ash; an instrument of grace, strewing lyrical beauty all along its path. Sometimes it’s all the above at once and more.

Whether Forsyth is firing up a post-tonal frenzy somewhere between an electric saw and a leaf blower gone berserk, or simply covering a classic Neil Young tune, he brings an artful ear to the process. That’s what makes him one of the American underground’s most commanding guitar stylists. His latest album Evolution Here We Come displays his gift for instrumental compositions that thread the needle through ‘70s beard rock, cosmic Americana, maverick experimentalism, and more, but it’s a link in a long, endlessly mutating chain.