Netlabel Day Broadcasts

This is a bit hard to discern but it looks like Netlabel Day will be celebrated by a 48-hour broadcast on RADIO BRENNPUNKT. Starting and ending times are not clear, but here is the press release.

Netlabel Day 2022: A 48-hour Broadcast in 24 hours

Seattle, WA – For its eighth yearly celebration of Creative Commons music and free culture, Netlabel Day is hosting a 24-hour live broadcast, affectionately dubbed “Netcast.”

The new chef d’oeuvre for the festival, Omar Willey, publisher of the long-running Creative Commons journal of arts and culture The Seattle Star, says “We think we can do better than Ed Sheeran and Lizzo. After all, our music is actually made to be shared.”

“Netlabel music is free to everyone,” says Willey. “It’s not just free to consume. It’s free to use, free to inspire you, free to pass on to others and make their lives richer. Free like the air—and like the airwaves. That’s the real purpose of this celebration.”

While musicians and labels can submit tracks or albums to Netlabel Day this year—even if they aren’t on a netlabel—they can also share the air. Netlabels are encouraged to assemble a 1-hour or 2-hour program of music and talk as they see fit. Then they can submit it to the Netcast.

‘We say 24-hour, but it’s really more like 46-hours,” Willey explains. “It starts at midnight New Zealand Time, then ends at 11:59 pm Hawaii Time, so every time zone has 24 hours. I mean, fair is fair. It can be a 1-2 hour podcast, or you can go live with MIXX or Twitch or your streaming service of choice. As long as it’s Creative Commons, it’s good! Send us a link at, tell us it’s for Netlabel Day, and we’ll do the rest.”