Nick Dunston Interview

Source: Which Sinfonia.

Bassist, composer, improviser, radio player, conductor, space maker, and question asker Nick Dunston’s music defies categorization and genre as swiftly as he toggles between roles onstage. His new record “Spider Season” (Out Of Your Head Records), featuring Kalia Vandever on trombone/fx and DoYeon Kim on gayageum, is coming out next Friday July 14 and is one to bookmark! In addition to this big release, Dunston’s work “Reverse Broadcast” for Wet Ink Ensemble’s new Mosaic Orchestra had its world premiere on June 22 in NYC, which I had the pleasure of seeing. Experiencing these two different works, the live premiere of “Reverse Broadcast” and upcoming trio album “Spider Season”, gave rise to a series of questions for me about these projects in particular and how they relate to Dunston’s musical practice as a whole.