New Releases Coming from Edgetone Records

Source: Edgetone Records.

“Speculative fiction” covers a number of genres in literature, from various types of science fiction, futurism, horror, and other supernatural and/or imaginary stories. “Jazz” has served as a similar all-encompassing term in music – often adopted to connect Black American Music, improvisational-based musics, and whole host of so-called art musics not easily categorized. This record is made of sounds and ideas and compositions and improvisations that all relate to an imaginary story about my two kids accidentally causing Earth to explode. And what happens in the time immediately after and in the near-future. It’s a good story. I might share it, until then these titles and sounds represent the entirety of the narrative. Feel free to fill in the blanks.” – Keith Kelly

Keith Kelly – all instruments, voice, and compositions

The debut album from Actual/Actual showcases improvised music with a blues music orientation at the core while keeping to a broad outlook towards “spontaneous composition”. Their wide swath takes in swing, Latin music, fusion, doom rock, reggae, punk, and many other musical elements. It’s all “grist for the mill” as they create a new context for these elements where improbable connections are made and things happen when you least expect them to. Romus originally hails from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and has made it a point to engage and collaborate with musicians from the region. This band represents recent “talent reconnaissance” and is truly a multi-generational affair.

Josh Strange- trumpet and vibraphone
Troy Kunkler- drums and percussion
Rent Romus- alto and soprano saxophones
Gerard Cox- piano, Rhodes, key bass