Clean Feed Records New Releases

Source: Clean Feed Records.

Tarbaby Feat. Oliver Lake “Dance Of The Evil Toys”
The trio formed by Orrin Evans, Eric Revis and Nasheet Waits, call again alto saxophonist Oliver Lake for a record which mixes “loud, frenetic, agressive, free form music” with delicacies of pure beauty and nuance. The music finds a rare balance between brute force and mathematical rhythmic signatures. One of the most exciting jazz bands around offer us again a magnificent opus….

Angles “A Crisis of Perception”
This music comes from the heritage of Charles Mingus, Carla Bley and Chris McGregor, and incorporates aspects of the Swedish and Balcanic folk musics and rhythmical foundations in West Africa. The results are astonishing, going from the very simple to the grandiose, the detailed, sound centered, to the theatrical, the strictly organized to free-blowing improvisations, all of this with a big band sense of musicality….

Space Quartet “Freedom of Tomorrow”
Space Quartet is Electronic music with a human touch – combined with conventional jazz instruments. Toral’s “jazz-like phrasings” and the overall quartet dynamics gain from it. “Freedom of Tomorrow” presents new steps of the ongoing explorations of this unique quartet. It´s music made of surprises, from the first minute to the last…

Landæus Trio “A Crisis of Perception”
Across these impressive compositions – the listener experiences the nonchalant range of the band, often in the blink of an eye. A Crisis of Perception offers a clinic of rhythmic fluidity, with grooves shifting suddenly, between graceful swing and stuttering forward motion—a wild lurch ahead masterfully righted in real-time by the trio…

Yaroslav Likhachev Quartet “Occasional Sketches”
Likhachev dives his personal style in the American jazz sound and uses the stylings and the vocabulary of bebop and hard bop as the solid basis of a methodic experimental work. Nothing is superfluous, and nothing is less than what is needed at the moment: the sense of balance is astonishing all along these “sketches”….

Introducing Miha Gantar “5 CD Box Set”
Pianist and composer Miha Gantar has a very personal and very wide music vision, and the simultaneous release of several of its aspects seems logic, from the point of view of the artist but also of the listener, who is capable, this way, to achieve a complete experience of that sound world of a new, fresh, surprising and much welcomed player in the international creative music game. Five gems to discover…

Fade In “Live Fast, Die a Legend”
After winning the “International Improvisation Competition René Arons” (Antwerp, 2019) and “Tomorrow’s Jazz Competition” (Venice, 2021), the trio is in a hyper-active artistic momentum, Fade In keeps subverting musical conventions and melting into an idiosyncratic communal vision, where improvisation becomes the lens for a deep inner investigation…

Ziv Taubenfeld’s Full Sun Out of the Beast Came Honey
Bass clarinetist Ziv Taubenfeld searches for light in the midst of the dark period that surrounded this recording. His music aims to create paths that lead to the big unknown, the place where “beauty is free», and the results are even more than what you hoped for. This music tells stories and plays with form and sound, floating «somewhere on the infinite jazz continuum»…

Juhani Silvola “Wolf Hour Roundelay”
We can hear traces of John Cage’s prepared piano, the rhythms of Igor Stravinsky, Gamelan music, West African rhythms, abstract free improv, doomy minimalism and extended techniques in the vein of Sciarrino and Lachenmann. The resulting pieces are simultaneously familiar and strange, created for a mind-blowing listening…

LAMIEE./Dròlo Ensemble “The Deafening Moment of the Whistle After the Noise”
A combination of ancient and contemporary, bringing the music outside of time, and simultaneously popular and experimental, in hybrids of chamber music and jazz. The most important aspect is that you have never heard anything like this before….

FLAK “Magpie Live”
The legendary guitarist known as Flak invited musicians of the fields of avant-jazz, free improvised music and beat music coming out from funk, namely Rodrigo Amado, José Lencastre, Luís Lopes, Guilherme Rodrigues, Francisco Rebelo and Rui Alves. Uniting the worlds of rock, jazz and electronic music in inventive and intriguing ways..