General Performances

Sacred Realism in Berlin

Source: sr.

Annette Krebs & Peter Cusack :: soundscapes and Konstruktion #4
Eliad Wagner :: synthesis
Adam Asnan :: teen spirit and pristine audio
Xavier Lopez & Bryan Eubanks :: synth duo in rational intonation
dj Kaffe Matthews :: fire

Sunday June 19th, 19:30 (doors at 19:00)
Petersburg Art Space
Kaiserin-Augustus-Allee 101, Aufgang II in the Hof.

Echo Mirror Salon returns for a second installment with an amazing line-up of electro-acoustic music and performances. Will be a lovely night in a lovely room along the river in Berlin. The aim of the evening is sharing work in the context of live performance, not necessarily finished goods. There will be some soup from Anatoli and some drinks from Gandalf.