Ictus Festival Takes Place in Milan, July 4-7

Source: Ictus Records.

The festival program is divided into four days with four sets per evening, each named after a related ICTUS album. The cast shines with the presence of both American and European musicians, ranging from those who have shared concerts and recordings with Centazzo since the 1970s (such as Guido Mazzon, Giancarlo Schiaffini, Roberto Ottaviano, Franco Feruglio, Carlo Actis Dato), to the meetings of the following decades such as with Ellen Burr, Steve Hubback, Jeff Schwartz up to the collaborations born in the new millennium and in the last few years, such as those with Steve Swell, Elliott Sharp, Harri Sjöström, Elisabeth Harnik, Sergio Armaroli and many other talents of creative music.