Machinefabriek New and Upcoming Releases

Source: Machinefabriek.

Machinefabriek with Anne Bakker – Wisps
Wisps is the follow-up to Oehoe, which was released in 2020 on Where To Now? Records. This time we’re self-releasing our album (I was simply too enthousiastic to get this released, I didn’t have the patience to wait for a label). Like on its predecessor, most of the tracks combine Anne’s violin and vocals in unison, pared with my virtual instruments. Two tracks also feature samples from Don Cherry (from his “Mu” albums). The album can be pre-ordered now, with three tracks streaming already.

Gareth Davis & Machinefabriek – Standards (of Sorts)
Yes, a new album with my favorite bass clarinet player, Gareth Davis! We recorded two standards before, My Funny Valentine and Oh, Doctor Jesus. This time our interpretations are more abstract, deconstructing ’em beyond recognition. The album is released by the lovely Sublime Retreat label.

Hydra Ensemble – Vistas
The second Hydra Ensemble release. This one is the live recording of our gig at Worm, during the pandemic (without audience, but streamed live). Dirk Serries was enthousiastic enough about these recordings that he released it on his label. Glad to have this out there, as the gig indeed went pretty well. Though I must say they always go well with this group – I love the chemistry happening on each stage.

This is Release MFR100 / Ukraine Appeal
Two compilations came out (sort of) recently, both fund raisers for good causes. First there’s the 100th release on Moving Furniture records, a double cd (and download) with duos. I’m doing a track with Cyril Bondi. There’s too many great combos to mention… please check out the album, it’s awesome. Ukraine Appeal is a digital release on PLAYNEUTRAL, with proceeds going to humanitarian help for Ukraine. My piece is basically the last 10 minutes of my gig at Peel Slowly and See (earlier this year), with added sounds for dramatic enhancement. There’s also Dirk Serries, Aidan Baker, Kenneth Kirschner, and many many more.

Dirk Serries with Rutger Zuydervelt & Tom Malmendier
I received a few copies of the 2LP with the recording of the gig I did with Dirk Serries and Tom Malmendier, at Roadburn Redus in 2020. It’s a beautiful recording, in a nice gatefold sleeve with images by Martina Verhoeven.