Interview with Dirk Serries 

Source: 15 questions.

I always have been a control-freak, especially during the vidnaObmana period, a bit less during Fear Falls Burning and Microphonics but still everything was structured and mapped out. It’s when I got invited to a recording session with Tomas Järmyr and Kristoffer Lo that I got exposed to the magical side of improvisation. At least when it works.

I went to Norway with a plan, some themes I created but from the first note we played together I became motivated by Kristoffer and Tomas’ incredible sense for improvisation and it just dragged me along. Didn’t touch any of the ‘scores’ I brought and the first baby steps in improvisation became a fact. It was a blast and I truly felt liberated, free of that constant pressure of preparation and focus in advance to what would follow.

From there on this all became a rollercoaster ride for me in terms of experience, adventure and touching upon a scene in which I could feel myself fully myself.