New Releases From Cyclic Law

Source: Cyclic Law.

NORDVARGR “Resignation I-II-III” 3CD / 3LP Boxset (186th Cycle)
Nordvargr’s Resignation project was initially born in 2008 exploring rhythmic and repetitive aspects of his musical output, merging elements of electronic music with dark ambient soundscapes.

DEN SORTE DØD “Depressiv Magi” CD / LP (202nd Cycle)
Offermose & Angst returns as Den Sorte Død. Channeling the depressive magic of a crying cosmos. Making this the 5th album from the mournful duo.

DEN SORTE DØD “Undergangen” CD / LP (203rd Cycle)
Reissue of the limited self release album from 2019.