New Releases From Midira Records 



Peristalith is the moniker of an ambient drone musician based in the historical Tenderloin neighbourhood in San Francisco. In the last few years Peristalith released a couple of tracks on very limited tapes. After a long hiatus he returned with “Vertigo” (read more).

The self titled album “Peristalith” features some of the tracks that got released on limited tapes, but also some previously unreleased titles. All revisited by the artist and remastered by Aidan Baker.

What you will hear are massive drones, created by self constructed instruments, played with bows and manipulated with different kind of effect pedals.


Born in Italy, somewhere in the Karst plateau region between Padua and Trieste, Roberto Galati is attracted by the charm of isolated and lonely places. The roughness of the Karst plateau is the key to understand his musical motivation. “On the Karst you can smell ice in the air, you can see the vast stretch of limestone riddled with caves and sinkholes.” Galati says.

“Oneiric” is the musical incarnation of Galatis Karst impressions. The tracks are landscapes made of layers of guitars and synths. While listening to those ambient noise tracks, you really get the feeling he describes with “smelling the ice and overlooking the landscapes”.