Wadada Leo Smith in LA

Source: M.E.C..

Monday, May 23rd at 8:00pm and
Tuesday, May 24th at 8:00pm

The performance will take place at:
LAXART | 7000 Santa Monica Blvd. | Los Angeles, CA 90038

Monday Evening Concerts is excited to join forces with LAXART to host one of our most important living composers, Wadada Leo Smith. An early member of the revolutionary AACM (Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians), Smith has spent a lifetime thinking, writing, composing, performing, teaching and collaborating with musicians such as Leroy Jenkins, Anthony Braxton, Henry Threadgill, Anthony Davis, Oliver Lake and Derek Bailey.


STRING QUARTET No. 11 (2019)
I. Shaikh Cerno Boka
II. Louis Armstrong (1901-1971)
III. Sarah Bell Brown-Smith (1920-1994)
IV. Kashala Kiom Smith
(‘Two Stars in a Golden Sky and the Book’)
V. At the Heart’s Core: Knowledge (For UCLA Music Library)
VI. Sarhanna Kabell Smith
(A Reddie Copper Sky)
VII. Bessie Smith
VIII. Alvin E. Singleton
IX. Red Autumn’s Gold (For Lucius G. Smith)

(World premiere of version for two violins, viola and cello)

STRING QUARTET No. 13 (2020)
I. The Dark Lady of the Sonnets (Text by Amiri Baraka)
II. Billie Holiday, 1915-1959: The Dark Lady of the Sonnets
III. Fred Hampton: I am a Revolutionary for Freedom, Liberty and Justice
IV. Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party 1964
Black Panther Party 1966 – Fannie Lou Hamer, Ella Baker, Bob Moses, Huey P. Newton, Bobby Seale, Elbert Howard


Redkoral Quartet:
Shalini Vijayan, violin
Mona Tian, violin
Andrew McIntosh, viola
Ashley Walters, cello
Karen Parks, soprano
Wadada Leo Smith, composer