Reintroducing Ángel Rada, Venezuela’s Pre-Eminent Experimentalist 

Source: Bandcamp Daily.

Maybe you were up into the wee hours in college, cramming for an exam, when that Eureka! moment happened: one subject of study bled into another, and suddenly a profound new insight into the world was gleaned. A line from Shakespeare suddenly cast light on an interpersonal issue, or something from Plato suddenly opened up a more profound understanding of civics. Such was the case for Venezualan electronic composer Ángel Rada when he found himself at university in Germany in the early 1970s. He dove deep into the relatively new field of electroacoustic music while also doubling in Chemical Engineering, ultimately earning his doctorate in both. Rada had access to Moog synthesizers and began pushing his explorations further and further out. Still, the discussions he had in the engineering department led to his most significant breakthrough.