John Zorn in Hamburg Reviewed

Source: Brooklyn Rail.

New York composer, improviser, alto saxophonist, and organist John Zorn has been taking his entire repertoire on tour in recent times, colonizing venues and festivals, immersing audiences in his variegated musical strategies. Soon after this four-day takeover in Hamburg, he headed for Big Ears in Knoxville, and in July he’s the Artist in Residence at Moldejazz on the west coast of Norway. Most of Zorn’s many writing obsessions are covered, including prompted improvisation, string quartet pieces, jazz complexity, folkish rock, fried rock, and various manifestations of vocal work.

One thought on “John Zorn in Hamburg Reviewed

  1. I saw him performing live many years ago. I’d really hope to see him again some time, but he doesen’t seem to play close to where I live anymore.

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