Harmonic Series 1/16 is Out

Source: harmonic series.

conversation with Maxi Mas; notation from Cat Hope; reviews

Alvear / Blanco / Carrasco – Mada (Modern Concern, 2022)

Daniel Barbiero – …for double bass & prerecorded electronics (EndTitles, 2022)

Pascal Battus – Cymbale Ouverte (Akousis Records, 2022)

DesoDuo – Songs for Two (self-released, 2022)

David Friend & Jerome Begin – Post- (New Amsterdam Records, 2022)

Annette Krebs – Six sonic movements through amplified metal pieces, paper noises, strings, sine waves, plastic animals, objects, voice, a quietly beeping heating system and street noises (Graphit, 2022)

Jesse Kudler & Graham Stephenson – Apposite Rejoinder (JMY, 2022)

MAW – A Maneuver Within (Atlantic Rhythms, 2022)

RLW – Tunnel (Sonoris, 2022)

Quentin Tolimieri – Monochromes (elsewhere, 2022)

what – the unconscious is a machine for operating an animal (Eiderdown Records, 2022)

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