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SAT MAY 7, 2022

The foundation of Jessica Pavone’s recent ensemble compositions is research on the effects of sonic vibration on human physiology and emotional health. Sustained pitches and clusters of ensemble sounds generate specific physical and cognitive benefits intended to impact the audience physically and mentally, existing within and beyond music’s canonical role. The compositional techniques borrow from and elaborate on traditional music notation. Pavone experiments with improvisatory techniques, alternating between metered and time-based scores and improvised and notated instructions. The ensemble approach focuses on a vision of collective improvisation that prioritizes a collaboratively sewn musical fabric, in contrast to the traditional improvisatory method that prizes the individuality and uniqueness of the soloist. The rehearsal method, influenced by her solo work, attends to how the body plays a role in sound and intention.

WED MAY 18, 2022
Over the course of a half century long career, Chilean-born Raúl Ruiz established himself as cinema’s greatest surrealist this side of Luis Buñuel. And like Buñuel, Ruiz was a vagabond, making films wherever funds were available. After the establishment of Chile’s military junta under Augusto Pinochet in 1973, Ruiz fled to Paris, making films in France, Portugal, The Netherlands, among other locales. The Golden Boat brought him to the U.S. for the first time while the director hones in on an artistic mecca, the downtown New York art scene of the 1980s. Produced in collaboration with The Kitchen, the film takes the form of one of our homegrown police procedurals crossed with a telenovela. The film wanders through Manhattan as a murderer and a philosophy-student rock critic pursue the object of the cut-throat’s affection, a Mexican soap opera star. But the meandering plot is mainly an excuse for Ruiz to engage in his love of dreamlike black comedy where streets are populated by a veritable who’s who of no wave New York including Jim Jarmusch, Kathy Acker, Annie Sprinkle, Vito Acconci—featuring a score by John Zorn.

FRI MAY 20, 2022
JJJJJerome Ellis is a blk disabled animal, stutterer, and artist. He prays, reads, gardens, cycles, wanders, and plays. Through music, literature, performance, and video he researches relationships among blackness, disabled speech, divinity, nature, sound, and time. Born in 1989 to Jamaican and Grenadian immigrants, he grew up and lives by a heron rookery in Virginia Beach, USA.

SAT MAY 21, 2022
Bowerbird is pleased to present vocal sextet Variant 6 in a concert celebration of their first full-length album, New Suns. The album explores myriad universes of a cappella vocal music featuring works by Jeremy Gill, Gabriel Jackson, Joanne Metcalf, Benjamin C.S. Boyle, and Bruno Bettinelli. This album is a celebration of everything they love about the versatility and virtuosity of the human voice.