Coming to West Oakland

Source: Paul Dresher Ensemble.

Sunday, May 22, 2022, 4pm
First Set : Lisa Mezzacappa Tangle Trio
Sheldon Brown, saxophone/clarinets
Lisa Mezzacappa, acoustic bass
Kjell Nordeson, drums

Second Set : Looney-Mezzacappa-Nordeson
Scott Looney, acoustic and electronically-modified piano
Lisa Mezzacappa, bass
Kjell Nordeson, drums

Mezzacappa, a fixture on the Bay Area music scene for two decades, writes music for groups from duo to large ensembles and plays as a sideperson with Cory Wright, Randy McKean, Nathan Clevenger, David James, Rob Ewing, and others. Her most recent music projects have arisen from deep immersion in texts—from the journals of Victorian lady adventurers to noir fiction to sci-fi comics and stories—and are often through-composed, meticulously arranged suites that foreground the composer’s voice and vision. Tangle Trio is an effort to liberate the ensemble from the tyranny of the bandleader-composer—!—and so Mezzacappa has distilled her compositional ideas for this group down to the barest fragments that the musicians navigate and transform as part of the improvisation.