New and Upcoming Releases From Cyclic Law

Source: Cyclic Law.

ARCANA “Raspail” LP (160th Cycle)
Continuing with the vinyl re-issue of Arcana’s catalog, we proudly present for the first time on vinyl their 6th album “Raspail”.

UNDIRHEIMAR “Vardlokkur” CD/DL (199th Cycle)
New ep of 3 offerings of Shamanistic Ritual music.

DARJA KAZIMIRA “Medea Forgives Jason” CD/DL (197th Cycle)
New album by this unique multidisciplinary artist. “Medea forgives Jason” is a cycle of improvisations, first inspired by Euripides and his tragedy called “Medea”.

NYIÞ “᛬ᚢᛁᛋᚿᛁ•ᚼᛆᛏᛁ•ᚼᚱᛅ᛬” 2CD (182nd Cycle)
Elusive Icelandic stalwarts NYIÞ present “᛬ᚢᛁᛋᚿᛁ•ᚼᛆᛏᛁ•ᚼᚱᛅ᛬”. We’ve collected NYIÞ’s (pronounced Neeth) first four releases from 2011 to 2019…

SHRINE “Nausicaä” CD (185th Cycle)
New album by Shrine and his signature sound design this time based on the “Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind”, a Japanese manga from the 80’s.

AJNA “Mors Ultra” 2CD (195th Cycle)
A follow up to his highly acclaimed “Oracular” album, New York based AJNA offers us a massive double album of grandiose isolationist soundscapes.