Wild Up’s New Music Performances in LA

Source: Wild Up.

Sunday, May 15 (7:30 pm): M. A. Tiesenga + AIYYER
2220 Arts + Archives (2220 Beverly Boulevard, LA) | TICKETS + INFO

A double bill: composer/interdisciplinary artist Marta Tiesenga and composer/pianist/tabla player Rohan Chander, a.k.a. AIYYER. Tiesenga’s Aquarius & Aquila, scored for hurdy-gurdy and electronics, is a microtonal homage to the ascension/abduction of Ganymede (“the loveliest born of the race of mortals,” according to Homer) by the Aetos Dios, the eagle of Zeus.

Chander will perform an excerpt from FINAL/FANTASY, his debut album as AIYYER, on Cantaloupe Music, in a full suit of chain mail (with Anime-style glowing red eyes) on multiple keyboards situated around the space. Chander describes FINAL/FANTASY as “the story of the mutability of the body and the six digital inhabitants that wield [an] ancient weapon.”

Sunday, May 22 (4 – 8 pm): Davíð Brynjar Franzson: An Urban Archive as an English Garden, with mattie barbier, trombone
FRANKIE (300 S. Mission Road, LA) | TICKETS + INFO

Davíð Brynjar Franzson’s sound installation An Urban Archive as an English Garden comprises a grid of dozens of free-standing cardboard tubes topped with loudspeakers that emanate field recordings from the immediate surroundings of the performer and slow-moving instrumental timbres. Drawing on the ideology of the 18th century English garden, these sounds as landscaped features that guide the visitor along on their exploration of the urban soundscape, forming a sonic landscape that acts as a garden in both time and space. During the four-hour event, trombonist mattie barbier will periodically wander among the tubes and improvise.

Sunday, May 29 (7:30 pm): fanfares against an early sunset
2220 Arts + Archives (2220 Beverly Boulevard, LA) | TICKETS + INFO

An evening of visionary new works for brass, with a couple of 20th-century favorites mixed in. Played by Jonah Levy and Ryan Darke (trumpets), Allen Fogle (French horn), mattie barbier (trombone), and others. The program includes:

Sarah Davachi: Long Gradus
Becca Schack: world premiere
Olivier Messiaen: Interstellar Call
George Lewis: Artificial Life
mattie barbier: untitled i
Raven Chacon: Tááʼtsʼáadah
Karlheinz Stockhausen: Michael’s Abschied

Sunday, June 19 (5:34 am – 8:08 pm): Julius Eastman: Buddha
2220 Arts + Archives (2220 Beverly Boulevard, LA) | INFO

Wild Up earned widespread praise in 2021 for its New Amsterdam recording Julius Eastman: Vol. 1. This dawn to dusk performance celebrates the release of Vol. 2: Joy Boy. The entire ensemble will perform Eastman’s Buddha, a hand-drawn one-page score that the composer left behind without performance instructions. In his elegant manuscript, a hand-drawn oval encloses twenty staves of stemless pitches, with rippling lines emanating outward from the center. Over the course of this 14.5-hour event, Wild Up will perform original short- and long-form realizations of the work simultaneously.

Sunday, July 10 (7:30 pm): Adam Tendler, piano: INHERITANCES
Presented by Wild Up in partnership with Liquid Music
2220 Arts + Archives (2220 Beverly Boulevard, LA) | INFO

New pieces by Devonté Hynes, Nico Muhly, Laurie Anderson, inti figgis-vizueta, Pamela Z, Ted Hearne, Angélica Negrón, Christopher Cerrone, Marcos Balter, Missy Mazzoli, Darian Donovan Thomas, Sarah Kirkland Snider, Scott Wollschleger, Mary Prescott, Timo Andres and John Glover.

Pianist Tendler is known as “a remarkable and insightful musician” (Los Angeles Times). After his father’s unexpected death, Tendler used his inheritance – a wad of cash received in a parking lot – to begin a commissioning project inviting sound artists and composers to create new piano works exploring ‘inheritance’ itself. Woven into one intimate program, Inheritances tells a universal story of lineage, loss, and place through sixteen new works: a meditation on confronting our past while moving into the future.