New and Coming to 577 Records

Source: 577 Records.

Francisco Mela and Shinya Lin
Motions Vol. 1
In Motions, Vol. 1, Francisco Mela and Shinya Lin create an album of improvised textures and thrilling exploratory sounds. Using drum sets and prepared piano, they create a lush soundscape of textures, imagining a scene reminiscent of a jungle, full of life, resources and possibility. “It was a huge pleasure to have Mela’s presence and his mentorship was amazing, free of selves, the music came out just naturally from our souls,” says Shinya about their first collaboration. Lin, a pianist and composer based in New York, who was classically trained, draws much of his sound from influences like John Cage and Cecil Taylor, “to accept whatever it comes, there is only enjoyment.” For Mela, who was named 2021 musician of the year by The New York City Jazz Record, this project represents yet another dimension of his curious and exploratory sound, present-focused and arrhythmic. This project marks one of many of Mela’s releases on 577 Records and a label debut for Shinya Lin. Motions, Vol. 1 is now available for download and in CD format.

Dave Tucker, Pat Thomas, Thurston Moore, Mark Sanders
Educated Guess Vol. 2 EP
Following their first album, Dave Tucker (Guitar, Electronics), Pat Thomas (Piano & Keys), Thurston Moore (Guitar), and Mark Sanders (Drums & Percussion) decided to “guess again.”

Zoh Amba
William Parker and Francisco Mela
O Life, O Light Vol. 1
Originally from Kingsport, Tennessee, New York-based Zoh Amba is a precocious, notable star in the avantgarde music scene. Growing up in the Appalachian mountains, Amba practiced saxophone to the forest that surrounded her home before she later traveled to study with David Murray in New York, and also at the San Francisco Conservatory Of Music & New England Conservatory in Boston. Today, her music is full of folk melodies, mesmerizing refrains, repeated incantations and powerfully executed Free Jazz reminiscent of Albert Ayler. Her sound is courageous and bold, commanding her instrument with a loving force that soars from muted hums to squeaky trebles, producing a confident sound imbued with spirituality.

Daniel Carter, Matthew Shipp, William Parker, Gerald Cleaver
Welcome Adventure! Vol. 2
How do you welcome adventure? Longtime comrades, legendary Daniel Carter, Matthew Shipp, William Parker and Gerald Cleaver investigated this in their first album, Welcome Adventure, Vol. 1, resulting in 577 Records’ best-selling release in the 20 years we’ve been operating. Now, the group is trying the question again with their second astonishing volume, taken from the same historical recording session. Daniel Carter (Saxophone, Clarinet) has been collaborating with William Parker (Bass) since the early 70s and with Matthew Shipp (Piano) beginning in the mid 80s. This trio had previously played together on other occasions but sought to add a percussive element to their sound, adding stellar Gerald Cleaver (Drums) to their mix. From the warm opening song, “Sunverified” to the richly layered closer, “Da Rest Is Story,” the all-star, 5-track project is an exploratory delight. Welcome Adventure, Vol. 2 will be available in digital, CD and vinyl editions (black LPs and limited edition color vinyl) on June 3, 2022.

Heroes Are Gang Leaders
Amiri Baraka (LeRoi Jones) spoke the truth (and the truth under his tongue was sometimes a hammer, sometimes an anvil, sometimes a sickle, sometimes just a breath or a blast). Baraka had no tongue in cheek. Sometimes he drew his language (his thought) and in the barrel of his language (his thought), there was the cartridge of criticism, the cartridge of ranting, the cartridge of analysis, the cartridge of sedition, the cartridge of poetry, the cartridge of music. Heroes Are Gang Leaders have the same outspokenness that goes in all directions, that makes absolutely everything a target and that liberates what it touches, it is a gathering of the tribes, an assembly, and an assemblage of poets and musicians who use the same miraculous weapons, as Aimé Césaire, a close relative of Baraka / Jones, said. In Paris, HAGL did this. They found the asylum, the outpost. They fired all their tongues. Like Charlie Parker’s Back Home Blues or Jayne Cortez’s Taking the Blues Back Home. And your eyelids are heavy. A great heat invades you, a torpor takes possession of your body. All voices, all languages are viruses, the stories they tell are virulent. A musical instrument, like a poetic instrument, is used to pick up and scramble signals. Don’t wake up. Not yet. All that’s left is to try and swarm. It is done now. Now you will open your eyes. You breathe deeply. Count silently to three, and at three open your eyes. Come back to yourself. Do not resist. Resist. It is 2021. Everything remains to be done. You know what to do. One, two, three…Open your ears.

Daniel Carter, Patrick Holmes, Matthew Putman, Hilliard Greene, Federico Ughi
If 577 Records had a house-band, this would be it—a group of longtime friends, collaborators and established jazz musicians who are mainstays of the 577 Records’ catalog, here playing together. The Telepathic Band named themselves after the sort of improvisational style that can only be accomplished with a decade or two of collaboration, playing a signature, boundary-pushing music between friends. Now, with their fifth album, Daniel Carter (Saxophone, Clarinet, Trumpet), Patrick Holmes (Clarinet), Matthew Putman (Piano, Rhodes), Hilliard Greene (Bass), and Federico Ughi (Drums) exemplify the possibilities of in-person improvisation once again. On Telepatica, the group offers extemporized performances live from the 577 Records-organized 2018 Forward Festival. This project displays their imaginative style, following previous albums Telepathic Alliances, Telepatia Liquida, Electric Telepathy, Vol. 1, and Telepathic Mysteries, Vol. 1. Telepatica will be available on July 1, 2022 in digital, CD, and vinyl editions.

Amanda Irarrázabal and Miriam Den Boer Salmón
Invoking imagery of a narrow, perhaps perilous passage, or its dual meaning, the back of the throat, musicians Amanda Irarrázabal and Miriam Ben Boer Salmón named their collaborative 10-track album, Fauces. In this recording, the duo plays with both concepts in a process of improvisation, creating lush and unsteady landscapes, layered with texture, ragged hazy wood against strings. The soundscapes are sometimes imperceptible, shadowy horizons emerging from dim light, and rising, something threatening, sonic tensions cutting through the haze. Chilean double bassist Amanda Irarrázabal and Mexican-Dutch violinist Miriam den Boer Salmón recorded this project on a rainy day in Amsterdam, after meeting through Mexico City’s rich improvised music scene. Their shared love for the vast world of sounds, for adventure and traveling allowed them a creative partnership. Fauces is a debut on the label for both Amanda Irarrázabal and Miriam Den Boer Salmón, and will be available in both CD and digital format in July 2022.