Coming to San Francisco

Source: Bay Improviser Calendar.

Saturday, April 16

Sat 4/16 2:00 PM San Francisco Public Library, Richmond branch [351 9th Avenue San Francisco, CA 94118]
Free, outdoors. Echo’s Bones woodwind trio plays avant pastoral improvised music. Our music develops from the combined timbres of three different acoustic woodwind instruments blending, diverging and conversing and incorporates numerous musical traditions in free improvisational performances.

Sat 4/16 8:00 PM California Jazz Conservatory [2040 Addison Street Berkeley]
The SticklerPhonics: Scott Amendola, Raffi Garabedian & Danny Lubin-Laden

Monday, April 18

Mon 4/18 7:30 PM CCRMA [660 Lomita Dr, Stanford, CA 94305]
CCRMA presents a double-bill concert with Marcin Pietruszewski and Douglas McCausland.

Tuesday, April 19

Tue 4/19 6:30 PM Make-Out Room [3225 22nd St SF]
JAZZ at the MAKE-OUT ROOM with Andrew Jamieson, Ackely/Mezzacappa/Schott, Rent Romus’ Life’s Blood

Thursday, April 21

Thu 4/21 4:00 PM Holland Theater, Lisser Hall – Mills College [5000 MacArthur Blvd. Oakland, California 94613]
The opening afternoon concert in Lisser Hall begins with PAULINE DREAMS, Ione’s (author, playwright/director, poet, and sound-artist) sonic and visual evocation of Pauline Oliveros’s creative spirit. Oliveros (1932–2016) was the first director of the Mills Tape Music Center (1966–67, later renamed the Center for Contemporary Music) and Darius Milhaud Professor of Music at Mills (1996–2001). Saariselka, a sonic collaboration between composers Marielle Jakobsons (MFA, 2006) and Chuck Johnson (MFA, 2009), captures the evocative and inclusive spirit of Oliveros’s Deep Listening. Gamelan Encinal will perform works by John Cage and Daniel Schmidt. And LAS SUCIAS, the feminist noise reggaeton duo (Danishta Rivero, BA, 2010 and Alexandra Buschman-Román, MA, 2012), will conclude the concert.

Thu 4/21 8:00 PM Mills College Littlefield Concert Hall [5000 MacArthur Blvd Oakland]
The evening concert features orchestral music by Darius Milhaud and Milhaud Professor Roscoe Mitchell conducted by Nicole Paiement and Steed Cowart. Milhaud was a member of the Mills faculty from 1940 to 1971. His compositions during early 20th century included experiments with “noise,” polytonality, and appropriations from cross-cultural sources such as American jazz. L’Homme et son desir (1917–18) and La Création du monde, Op. 81 (1923) are among his most “radical” works. The second half of the concert features music by composer/multi-instrumentalist Roscoe Mitchell (Milhaud Professor of Music, 2007–18), who was among the founders of the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (AACM). Mitchell’s music eliminates the traditional separation of “composer” and “performer” by integrating improvisation and composition, a hybrid creative practice illustrated by two orchestral works and a duo for violin and piano.

Friday, April 22

Fri 4/22 4:00 PM Holland Theater, Lisser Hall – Mills College [5000 MacArthur Blvd. Oakland, CA 94613]
The afternoon concert opens with the U.S premiere of a new version by Paul DeMarinis (Mills MFA, 1973) of Robert Ashley’s legendary work for voice and electronics In Sara, Mencken, Christ, and Beethoven There Were Men and Women. The performance will include live electronic music by an extraordinary ensemble including Chris Brown, John Bischoff, James Fei, Maggi Payne, and Laetitita Sonami. Zachary Watkins’ (MFA, 2006) music explores “pure” tuning, live electronics, resonant spaces, and the spatial diffusion of sound. Former Mills faculty member, composer, guitarist, and mandolinist, Larry Polansky will perform a solo work.

Fri 4/22 7:30 PM Audium Theater [1616 Bush Street]
An Immersive-Audio installation through 176 Speakers; Audium’s pitch-black sound space immerses audiences in sonic scenes that jump off the walls. Spring from the loud clatter of the Tenderloin to a remote Baker Beach cave. A familiar afternoon in the Sunset District gives way to an ecstatic celebration in the Mission. Audiences will hear birds flitter above, while children laugh and play below. Electronic melodies bump up against each other and burst.

Fri 4/22 8:00 PM Mosswood Sound Series [3630 Telegraph Ave enter 2nd door on 37th St Oakland]
Cheryl E. Leonard performs new compositions and improvisations from “Unstable Material,” a project rooted in sonic explorations of Marin Headlands and inspired by the area’s geologic, ecologic, and human histories. Sounds played live on found natural objects intertwine with recordings captured in and around Headland’s transforming landscapes. Works reflect on borderlands, timescales, and the intersection of human-made worlds and the wild. ​Improvised music by KEVIN CK LO (violin/flute/piano/electronics), Kevin Corcoran (percussion/electronics), and Danishta Rivero CASTRO (voice/electronics).

Fri 4/22 8:00 PM Mills College Littlefield Concert Hall [5000 MacArthur Blvd Oakland]
The evening concert features a duo with Fred Frith (Luther B. Marchant Professor of Composition, 1999–2008) and Zeena Parkins (currently Milhaud Professor of Music), former members of Skeleton Crew the legendary experimental rock band and now internationally acclaimed composers/master improvisers. Alvin Curran served as the Milhaud Professor of Composition at Mills from 1991 to 2006. His music “embraces all the contradictions (composed/improvised, tonal/atonal, maximal/minimal…) in a serene dialectical encounter,” a musical diversity, which he calls the “new common practice.” John Bischoff, a master musical alchemist in the tradition initiated by David Tudor, will perform two solo works: Visibility Study posits analog circuit actions in open dialog with laptop synthesis responses. Calliope casts Henry Cowell’s visionary idea of a Rhythmicon in the imperfect form of a digital instrument whose tones lose energy and disassemble as each phrase develops. James Fei, David Rosenboom, and William Winant will play a trio by the legendary composer/multi instrumentalist Anthony Braxton, who served on the Mills faculty from 1985 to 1990 and held the Milhaud Chair from 1985 to 1987.

Fri 4/22 8:00 PM California Jazz Conservatory [2040 Addison Street Berkeley]
Ben Goldberg’s Glamorous Escapades

Saturday, April 23
Sat 4/23 4:00 PM Holland Theater, Lisser Hall – Mills College [5000 MacArthur Blvd Oakland]
The afternoon concert presents a stellar multi-generational lineup of women composers and performing artists. New Zealand-born composer Annea Lockwood’s evocative music focuses on environmental sounds and life-narratives. IMA, an electro-percussion duo featuring two extraordinary Mills alumnae, Amma Ateria (aka Jeanie Aprille Tang, BA, 2013, and Nava Dunkleman, BA, 2013), perform expressionistic noise music influenced by Japanese poetry that is both industrial and serene. Acclaimed sound artist, performer, and instrument builder Laetitia Sonami will join composer, harpist, and master improviser Zeena Parkins in a duo that will surely “bring down the house.” And the superb all-women Eclipse Quartet will perform “Good Medicine” from Salomé Dances for Peace by former Mills faculty member Terry Riley.

Sat 4/23 8:00 PM Mills College Littlefield Concert Hall [5000 MacArthur Blvd Oakland]
James Fei’s installation in the lobby will welcome audience members attending the evening concert with a voicemail greeting from Alvin Lucier, slowed down by a factor of a thousand, rendering his voice inaudible but visible as a speaker cone slowly traces the compression and decompression of air from his speech. The evening concert will begin with a work created on the Moog synthesizer by Maggi Payne whose diffusion of her music in the Concert Hall will take listeners on a sonic exploration in space and time. James Fei will perform a series of works for live electronics: the first created on the original Buchla Box, the second focused on direct and electro-acoustic feedback, the third exploring scale in sound projection, shifting gradually from the PA system to small, local transducers and the fourth a quiet piece using only small speakers and transducers. The concert will conclude with a duo improvisation featuring two master improvisers—former Milhaud Professor (2002, 2004, 2006) Joëlle Léandre on the double bass and Mills faculty member, percussion virtuoso William Winant (MFA, 1982). Léandre and Winant are among the world’s most gifted improvisers and interpreters of new music. The list of performers and composers they have worked with is literally a Who’s Who in the history of contemporary music from the beginning of the second half of the twentieth century to the present day.

Sat 4/23 8:00 PM California Jazz Conservatory – Rendon Hall/Fiddler Annex [2040 Addison Street Berkeley]
The Stray Horns play Mingus @ 100. Seven piece band explores the highly improvisatory music of bassist, composer and bandleader Charles Mingus. Celebrating the 100th anniversary of his birth, arranger David Slusser has programmed seldom played pieces and re-imaginings of the more familiar.