New Releases From Phonogram Unit

Source: Phonogram Unit.

“inter.independence” – Hyper.object

“Hyper.object” was formed in 2019 by three veterans from the Lisboa free improvised scene (Rodrigo Pinheiro on the piano, Hernâni Faustino on the double bass and Carlos Santos on the electronics) and by two young musicians (João Almeida on trumpet and João Valinho on drums). Since its beginnings, the group had frequently joined for rehearsals but as soon as the pandemic hit, the gatherings were restricted to only when there was an opening on the frequent lockdowns. During one of these openings “inter.independence” was recorded.

“Common Ground” by José Lencastre Common Ground

Common ground explores new sonic possibilities in a quintet format. There is dialogue and interaction in a searching mode, as the musicians are looking to find unity in language and sound within their different approaches and backgrounds.
Intense and soft music at the same time. Contemporary, abstract, but also free and groovy.