Kevin Shea Interview

Source: Jazz Right Now.

Hello. Here is a summary of my music-related pandemic activities of the last 2 years. Since March 2020, I have played on thirty record releases comprised of 10 solo albums and another 20 records as sideman or collective.

Pandemic solo album releases include Love Letter to My Drum Pad (attestation of enchantment composed for disparaged solo practice pads), Hypocrisies of Improv (compendium solo practice pad video performance for West Den Haag), MY TRUE FEELINGS (purposefully fatigue-inducing geometrical graphic score composition for suona and granite slab written to achieve ecstatic epiphanies for exhausted performer and listener alike teetering on the brink of insanity), Caveman Archetype (composition for grand piano and drums based on a dream I had about a piano that was sent back in time to the Paleolithic period influenced by new discoveries of Neanderthal faculties), myaudience#VIP (performance-dictated graphic score algorithm for Korg Monologue emulating the eurasian red squirrel’s physiology and spazerdry), and my 21st solo album release PSYCHOTIC SOUND MAN 1 for drums (layered bagatelle pieces for solo drums).