Coming Soon From Midira Records


Various Artists “Cohesion – We Stand Together For The People Of Ukraine”
We curated this album featuring 23 previously unreleased tracks by current and forthcoming Midira artists, with the aim to donate all the proceeds to aid organisations who are helping the Ukrainians.

Demetrio Cecchitelli “Impetus”
“Impetus” will be released as digital album on bandcamp friday, 01.04.2022. The album features two epic ambient-drone tracks, recorded with an amplified classical guitar. What you will hear won´t remind you of an classical instrument, the tracks are gently floating and creaking, like a fireplace next to a river.

Nadja & Aidan Baker “Nalepa”
We still have some copies left of the double album “Nalepa” (LP+CD), where you can experience Nadja as a trio (with live drums) and Aidan Baker in two live-in-studio sessions at the mighty Funkhaus Berlin.

thisquietarmy x N “Zerfall | Zerfallen”
The massive documentation on LP+CD of a massive recording session in an industrial area, where N and thisquietarmy met in the studio to celebrate some loud guitar drone soundwalls.