Electric Eclectics Festival Coming in June

Source: Electric Eclectics Festival.

Electric Eclectics takes place on a farm overlooking the scenic Big Head Valley, just outside of Meaford, Ontario. The farm features some of the best sunsets you will ever see.

Each year, we assemble an eclectic program of avant-garde and crossover musicians, as well as art installations, DJs, and films.

This years preliminary lineup includes Edwin van der Heide and his Laser Sound Performance from Rotterdam, White Mountain Apache artist Laura Ortman, vocalist Shelley Hirsch and “un-disciplined” artist Alexis O’Hara. The current lineup is listed below, more updates will be posted when they’re confirmed.

Edwin van der Heide (Rotterdam)
Laura Ortman (New York)
Shelley Hirsch (New York)
Alexis O’Hara (Montreal)
Jorgen Teller (Copenhagen)
Lary 7 (New York)
shn shn (Toronto)
NPNP (Montreal)
Osound (Owen Sound)
PLEASE (Hamilton)
Night Danger (Toronto)
Bill Coleman and Garret Gilbart (Peterborough)
Thresher (Meaford)
Bring Your Own Vinyl (Meaford)