Upcoming Umlaut Concerts in Europe

Source: Umlaut Records.

21/03 Eve Risser & Ensemble Op.Cit
Eve Risser & Ensemble Op.Cit
Eve Risser : composition, prepared upright piano,
Ensemble Op Cit
Unclassifiable pianist and composer Eve Risser is invited by Op Cit Ensemble, directed by Guillaume Bourgogne, for 2 creations with Guilhem Meier. A piece composed for upright piano and 8 instruments.
21/03 ” Bougé Tremblé” @ B!ME 2022, Le Sucre, Lyon (FR)

24/03 Sbatax & Oùat
“Sbatax” is the second CD by the duo of Bertrand Denzler and Antonin Gerbal who explore another side of their music, focusing on aspects such as flow, speed and patterns.
Bertrand Denzler : tenor saxophone,
Antonin Gerbal : drums
Oùat is a trio that found its origins in instinctive moments cast over the front and rear windows of jazz history.
Simon Sieger : piano,
Joel Grip : double bass,
Michael Griener : drums
24/03 @ Sowieso, Berlin (DE)

30/03 Pierre-Antoine Badaroux
Pierre Antoine Badaroux
As part of its series devoted to the American label Folkways, the Médiathèque musicale invites musician Pierre-Antoine Badaroux to present the history and spirit of this fascinating label!
30/03 Conference @ Médiathèque musicale de Paris (MMP), Paris (FR)

31/03 Red Desert Orchestra
Eve Risser -Eurythmia
Eve Risser : composition, piano,
Red Desert Orchestra
The composer, improviser and pianist Eve Risser was inspired by her travels in West Africa to imagine Eurythmia. She leads an ensemble of twelve musicians who combine African percussion and contemporary jazz in a free and generous movement.
31/03 Eurythmia @ La Soufflerie, Rezé (FR)

01-02/04 Ahmed
Pat Thomas : piano,
Seymour Wright : alto saxophone,
Joel Grip : double bass,
Antonin Gerbal : drums
01-02/04 @ Counterflows Festival (UK)