Bill Laswell Interviewed and Profiled

Source: The Non-Writer.

It didn’t take long for things to start happening fast for Bill in NY. Bouncing around between CBGBs and the loft scene, he was introduced to many diverse players and started expanding his own musical palette. Sometimes he would meet someone who would offer to take him straight from the gig he’d just done directly to a studio recording session. No money was mentioned, but it was a good opportunity to get your name known. At one of these sessions, Bill watched everyone going into the control room in between takes to listen to the playback. He usually wouldn’t join them, but on this occasion he noticed a guy in the control room wearing a Magma t-shirt. Hardly anybody in NY knew about the French band at that time, but Bill did. He had to meet this guy. He walked up to him and said “you know Magma?”. The response he gets was “I was their manager.” It’s Giorgio Gomelsky.

After the studio session, Gomelsky invites Bill over to his house. He meets Gomelsky’s friend Jack Bruce, the bass player from Cream, and they all go out to see a show by Captain Beefheart. Bill wasn’t sure exactly who Giorgio Gomelsky was when they first met, but it didn’t take him long to find out.