S.E.M. Ensemble Performs Works for String Quartet on April 6

Source: S.E.M. Ensemble.

On Wednesday, April 6th at 7pm, the S.E.M Ensemble will perform works for string quartet, double bass, percussion, and marimba. The program will combine music of the 1950s by Morton Feldman; the 1990s, by Frederic Rzewski and Alvin Lucier; recent works by Petr Kotik, Ana Sokolovic, and Jordan Dykstra, and a premiere by Daniel O’Connor. The concert explores musical relationships spanning seventy years, and puts forth pieces that depart from the concept of narrative drama popularized with early classicism.

Frederic Rzewski Whimwhams, for marimba and string quartet (1993)
Ana Sokolovic Two Miniatures (2015)
Petr Kotik Torso (2019)
Morton Feldman Three Pieces for String Quartet (1954 / 1956)
Daniel O’Connor Masking (2018 / 2022)
Alvin Lucier Navigations for Strings (1991)
Jordan Dykstra Fathom Peaks Unseen for 5 string instruments and percussion (2016)